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With over 12 years in the industry we offer reputable products , quality and unbeatable prices.

Huy Hoang Co.,Ltd is the importer of industrial chemicals on the market . The company's chemical supply company are directly imported in countries such as China , Korea , Thailand ... We supply production units with a stable number and reasonable price , best quality of service .

Mainstream items.

Our company provides industrial chemical products serving manufacturing sectors such as chemicals and paper , textile dyeing chemicals , water treatment chemicals , detergent chemicals ... With over 12 years in the sector our company has confirmed its position on the market . Our motto is " Bringing the best to our customers!

History begin

2004 -

The company was established on 03.30.2004 with headquarters at No. 26 , Lane 53 , Duc Giang , Long Bien District, Hanoi - One of the largest centers of northern Chemicals .


2016 -

From 2004 to present, with over 12 years of operations our company has established brand in the chemical market . We are direct importers of industrial chemicals from major markets such as China , Taiwan , Korea ... With a team of professional staff . Large sources competitive prices we are committed to bringing our customers the best products and the most stable .


About Us

Introduction of the company

Our company is located in Duc Giang area , one of the major centers of northern Chemicals . Our company currently provides most of the chemical products such as soda - NaOH , Phen - AL2SO4 , Soda - Na2CO3 , etc ... are manufactured and imported from countries with developed chemical industry , such as : China , Taiwan, South Quoc..vv ... with our annual output of marketed Vietnam bulk products of all kinds. Meet most of the needs of large enterprises in the country . We licensed the brand and has established its brand in Vietnam market .


Field work

Production , sales and export of chemical products serving industrial production ( excluding chemicals banned by the State ) . The chemical products company that provides mainly textile dyeing chemicals , water treatment chemicals , detergent chemicals , paper industry chemicals ...

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